Villa Iris Restaurant

Villa Iris, The magnificent charm of the eighteenth century

The Villa Iris restaurant offers a very careful cuisine based on the most renowned creative and local Mediterranean tradition.

A period residence that has been completely and expertly restored, regaining all the atmosphere and charm of the times when it was a noble residence.

The rooms on the ground floor and those on the main floor evoke the elegance and refinement of those times. The stuccoes on the walls, the Venetian terrazzo floors recall the atmospheres of the manor houses of the time. The use of deliberately convivial colors such as orange and yellow well predispose to the pleasures of the table.

The villa has changed many owners since its origins and tradition has it that one of its most illustrious guests was the Polish Countess Maria Walewska, who at the time was a friend of the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, during one of her stays in the Venetian Republic.

Characteristic of the new restaurant is to offer its customers a wide range of menus in order to meet any price need.

The spacious and elegant rooms make it the ideal place for banquets, weddings, business meetings and events in general. Villa Iris is surrounded by a large park with all the charm of the greenery that runs along the Riviera del Brenta.

Private parking is available for customers.

Air conditioning in all environments.

Menu example: € 70.00
Welcome drink with canapés, pizzas, rusticties, mixed fried.
Porcini pudding on velvety Asiago with truffles.
Fagottini with radicchio di Treviso in seafood stew.
Carnaroli rice with Franciacorta creamed with scampi tails from the Adriatic.
Sea bass tournedo and shrimp mousse in marinated sauce.
Eggplant puree with mint - mixed salad.
Fresh seasonal fruit - Millefeuille with chantilly cream and berries.
Coffee, sparkling wine, drinks included.